Pope Francis Holds Meeting with Bill Clinton and George Soros’ Son

Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis in 2013. Since that time, he marked a clear position to the political left, while still upholding traditional beliefs on marriage and sanctity of life.

Nonetheless, Francis has a worrying pattern of cozying up to some of the strangest progressiveness and giving a blank check to anti-Christian, anti-European forces.

His latest invites to the Vatican residences are downright strange: former President Bill Clinton and the new head of the Open Society Foundations Alex Soros.

Welcoming the Globalists

Soros and Clinton met up with Francis on July 5 at his home in the Vatican.

Soros’ father, George Soros, has steadily undermined religious forces. He’s promoted abortion, the LGBT agenda, feminism, and every other imaginable ideology that is not compatible with Catholicism.

Bill Clinton is an alleged serial sexual abuser who helped steadily undermine America’s culture during his time in office. However, Francis welcomed them both with a big smile and even gave Clinton a customized gift after their chat.

Soros was a guest of Clinton, which isn’t surprising since the Clinton and Soros family are old friends who go way back.

Pope Francis doesn’t just have lots of free time to meet random people and chat with them. This meeting is about formalizing the globalist plan and laughing in the face of the world about it.

More Details of the Meeting

Clinton was visiting Pope Francis after having been in Albania and after being recognized for attacking Serbians during the Kosovo War.

Soros tagged along as his guest and friend. This is also important since he’s now the new head of the Open Society Foundations, which his dad George recently handed over to him.

Clinton wrote Francis a letter, which contents weren’t disclosed. The Pope also gave him a special platter with the presidential seal and a figure of a lady and a dove that he said symbolizes “peace.”

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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