YouTube Deletes RFK Jr. and Jordan Peterson Interview

The popular video platform YouTube has removed a discussion featuring Democratic presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and show host Jordan Peterson. In the interview, Kennedy claimed that pollutants in the water were causing children to become transgender. Both Kennedy and Peterson expressed dissatisfaction with the removal of their conversation, accusing YouTube of censorship and interference with the presidential campaign.

Allegations of Meddling

The interview was posted on Twitter by both Kennedy and Peterson but was subsequently taken down by YouTube. Kennedy took to Twitter to question whether social media sites should regulate presidential candidates and expressed gratitude to Elon Musk for allowing the interview to be viewed on Twitter. He also urged the public to help him understand what was considered “misinformation” in the discussion with Peterson.

Peterson joined the conversation, stating on Twitter that YouTube had taken it upon itself to interfere with a presidential election campaign. Despite vaccines not being a significant focus of Kennedy’s campaign, the Kennedy campaign stated that Kennedy was willing to discuss the topic with anyone representing the conventional viewpoint.

Kennedy’s campaign clarified that they do not believe the removal of the interview was planned in advance. They attributed it to the expression of different opinions, which they believe is influenced by the influence of corporate money in government, media, research, and medicine.

YouTube’s Reasoning

According to a representative from Google, YouTube removed the interview clip from Jordan Peterson’s account for violating their guidelines on vaccine misinformation. YouTube prohibits content that claims vaccines cause chronic adverse reactions, except for rare negative reactions acknowledged by health professionals.

This article was originally published on The Patriot Brief and is republished here with permission.

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