AG Garland Receives Significant Blow from Hunter Biden Whistleblower

Gary Shapley, the IRS agent-turned-whistleblower, dealt a severe blow to Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland simply by starting to name actual witnesses who can corroborate his account of the gutted probe.

Hunter Biden Might Not Get Away With It, After All

Gary Shapley, a Supervisory Investigative Agent at the Internal Revenue Agency, gave testimony to the US Congress under oath last month.

The whistleblower previously said he had never before seen in his 14 years on the job a probe so mishandled by the Justice Department.

His words were confirmed by the fact that Sleepy Joe’s prodigal offspring got a nice deal with the prosecution – no prison time, pleading guilty to two tax misdemeanors and a pre-trial diversion.

That is against the backdrop of a whole range of suspected crimes such as tax fraud, false statements, drugs, and sex trafficking – not to mention possible high-profile bribery and corruption involving payments from foreign countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania.

In his testimony under oath, Gary Shapley said US Attorney David Weiss was investigating Hunter Biden and didn’t have the authority to file charges in other districts – which is why he asked for a special counsel status.

Six Witnesses

Yet, at the end of last week, AG Garland disputed that, stating Weiss had the “complete authority” to decide on the charges all on his own, Red State reports.

Garland seemingly didn’t have the guts to dispute Shapley’s testimony directly when he was asked whether the Justice Department prevented Weiss from charging the first son with bigger crimes in other districts.

Against that backdrop, Shapley issued a statement through his lawyers, in which he bluntly named six witnesses who were present at the 2022 meeting with David Weiss.

The individuals can confirm Shapley’s account that includes members of the IRS and FBI teams, who were working on the Hunter Biden investigation.

Thanks to the whistleblower’s bold move, both Garland and his subordinate Weiss, who is now playing along with his boss, appear to be in trouble. The public indignation over how the DOJ seemingly protected Hunter Biden is only bound to grow.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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