Allowing Babies Surviving Abortions to ‘Expire’: The Grim Reality of Abortionists

Abortionists are leaving babies surviving abortion attempts to “expire” or die on their own, without any effort to save their lives. This was revealed by a recent example from a medical resident who was horrified to the depths of her soul.

Unwanted and Left to Die

A case in hand exposes the vicious nature of abortionists. A baby that lived through an abortion attempt was left to die at a hospital after struggling for several hours. This has been exposed by a female medical resident, LifeNews reports.

The woman, whose identity was kept a secret to protect her from retribution, shared a letter with Live Action News, describing the entire incident and the “shock and horror” she felt because of it.

One day during her residency, she found a baby girl abandoned in a bassinet. This was after a pregnant woman between her 21st and 23rd week of pregnancy went into labor, following a failed abortion attempt.

The baby was left because the staff “expected” her to “expire immediately,” the resident revealed. However, the baby started to cry and held onto her life for several more hours before suffering a cruel death.

Democrats Are Doing This

The resident describes how she saw the baby and asked who that cutie was – only to learn the baby girl was a failed abortion attempt that was supposed to perish on her own.

The resident said she had to listen while the attending OB-GYN went on a rant against “pro-life” laws, as well as trying to justify allowing the baby to die. The OB-GYN only gave palliative care to the unwanted infant, who died several hours later.

The heartbroken resident began crying. She wrote she felt helpless and would have adopted the baby girl if that had been possible.

The report notes that no fewer than 143 babies suffered such terrible deaths after surviving abortion attempts between 2003 and 2014. Although the real number per year is much bigger, as in 2020-2022, there were 34 cases in only seven states.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been blocking a congressional bill to protect such babies for years now.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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