Americans Rush to Stock Up on Rice Amid Export Ban in India, Sparking New Biden Panic Buying

Joe Biden is once again facing a consumer shortage of basic goods, similar to what happened in 2021-2022. Shoppers across the US are panic-buying rice due to an export ban in India, which has caused the prices to skyrocket.

Biden Once Again Unprepared

Videos on social media show more cases of panic-buying rice at supermarkets. The price of a 20-pound bag has gone up from $16 to $50, according to The Daily Mail reports.

India, which is responsible for 40% of global rice exports, implemented the export ban to control domestic prices, but it is impacting American consumers.

Non-basmati rice, the most commonly used type of rice in traditional US, Mexican, and Asian recipes, is being affected by the ban.

Blackmailing Consumers

According to a report by PBS Frontline, rice prices across the country have increased by an average of 11%.

In response to the panic buying, some grocery stores are forcing customers to spend a minimum amount on other products in order to purchase a single bag of rice.

The export ban was triggered by heavy rain in Northern India, which damaged newly-planted rice crops. The flooded paddy fields delayed the replanting process. Rice is a key staple for over three billion people globally, with South and East Asia producing nearly 90% of it.

Once again, US consumers are facing the consequences of Bidenomics and goods shortages caused by the Biden administration’s lack of preparation.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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