Andrew Breitbart’s Fascinating Revelations about Obama’s Personal Life

In the realm of political discourse, few figures have been as enigmatic and intriguing as former President Barack Obama.

This article delves into a fascinating conversation I had with the late Andrew Breitbart, a stalwart conservative and a keen observer of political dynamics, about Obama’s private life.

I first crossed paths with Breitbart in August 2007 during a trip to Israel, sponsored by America’s Voices and Voices for Israel organizations.

Breitbart, then an editor at The Drudge Report, was a vibrant personality, brimming with life and wit. His unique sense of humor and spontaneous spirit made him the life of every gathering.

Our paths crossed frequently at conservative events, and it was during the rise of the Tea Party movement that Breitbart emerged as a significant force in grassroots conservatism. Despite being a frequent target of the left, his invaluable contribution to the conservative movement was undeniable.

One day in 2011, Breitbart reached out to me, wanting to discuss Obama. He was particularly intrigued by the mystery surrounding Obama’s private life.

He found it peculiar that there were no stories or pictures of Obama’s previous girlfriends. No women had come forward claiming to have dated the charismatic president. This lack of information led Breitbart to speculate that Obama might be gay.

Breitbart’s curiosity was further piqued by Larry Sinclair, a gay man who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Obama.

Despite Sinclair’s allegations being largely dismissed by mainstream media, Breitbart found it odd that these claims were not thoroughly investigated.

Adding to the intrigue, Obama admitted in 2017 that the “New York girlfriend” he described in his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father,” was a composite of several people.

This revelation, coupled with a letter where Obama expressed his views on gay sex, fueled Breitbart’s speculation about Obama’s sexuality.

It’s important to note that Breitbart’s speculations were not rooted in homophobia. He was a staunch supporter of conservative gays at a time when it wasn’t popular. His circle was open to all, provided they were good people.

His curiosity about Obama’s private life stemmed from a desire for transparency and truth.

Ultimately, my conversations with Breitbart revealed a man who was not easily fooled and always sought the truth. His insights into Obama’s private life, while speculative, highlight the need for transparency in public figures.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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