Anthony Weiner Responds with Anger When Confronted about Clinton Coverup

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner recently spoke to podcast host Patrick Bet-David and had an emotional outburst. Weiner apparently wasn’t prepared for real questions, rather than the usual mainstream media fluff.

When confronted about the Clinton crime family and the Clinton body count, Weiner appeared surprised and did everything possible to divert attention from the topic.

The result is highly captivating.

Weiner Struggles to Answer Questions

Most of us remember Weiner as the guy who kept sending photos of his private parts to random underage girls online. He was also previously married to Hillary Clinton’s top assistant, Huma Abedin, with whom he has a son.

Weiner and Abedin separated in 2017 after his repeated promises to stop sexting minors (and repeatedly being caught) until finally being sent to some kind of sex addiction rehab (without facing legal consequences).

Bet-David asked Weiner why so many people close to the Clintons have died over the years (the Clinton body count), and the former congressman became agitated.

‘Everyone Has a Reputation’

As Bet-David points out, every politician and famous person has a reputation, including involvement in controversial activities. Why is it that the Clintons’ reputation involves people around them dying?

Weiner claimed that Bet-David was merely buying into random “conspiracy” websites, and he was angered by Bet-David’s unfounded accusations.

He then argued that those who have died around the Clintons are insignificant individuals, and as adults, we all know many people who have died.

Since the early stages of their political careers, both Bill and Hillary have been associated with and worked closely with numerous individuals who later died. It didn’t start with Vince Foster!

Weiner’s attempt to normalize the situation reflects his panic, likely because he had to make some sort of deal to stay alive after his laptop and sexting scandals potentially cost Hillary the 2016 election.

At the end of the interaction, Weiner demanded that Bet-David eliminate his “list” of Clinton body count victims. Bet-David refused, labeling Weiner as a “dark human being.”

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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