Backfiring Consequences of Woke Email Attempting to Revoke American Patriotism

Despite left-wing talking points, there is nothing wrong or evil about patriotism. Though loving this country, being thankful for people who sacrificed for American freedom, etc., still continues to be demonized by leftist ideology.

In fact, some critics have even opted to tie American patriotism to racism, arguing that the US flag itself is a controversial symbol that shouldn’t be proudly flown or displayed.

Recently, a publication in San Antonio, Texas made headlines for backtracking on its own display of support for America’s Founding Fathers and patriotic attitudes within individuals.

According to Legal Insurrection, this publication is now acting as if pro-American talking points are something to be ashamed of.

Backtracking on Love of Country

The San Antonio Current initially sent out an email in which it was selling handguns with American flags on them. However, in a follow-up email, this publication apologized for showing support for the US flag and America’s Founding Fathers.

Apparently, it is the view of the San Antonio Current that displaying these pistols with US flags on them sent a “tone-deaf” message to its viewers. So far, it’s not entirely clear what generated any backlash over selling pro-USA pistols.

Taking Heat For Apologizing

Many Americans aren’t very happy with the San Antonio Current for behaving as if there’s something shameful about showing love for the United States and the symbols representing our nation.

The follow-up email from the San Antonio Current wrapped up with the publication promising to “do better,” as if there was a problem with the initial email that contained American-themed handguns.

Unfortunately, this latest display is not the first time that someone’s sent a message indicating Americans shouldn’t be patriotic or openly display love for our own nation.

On social media platforms, some people have said the San Antonio Current should have avoided the apology email.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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