Biden Makes an Appearance at Finnish News Conference

During a media appearance in Helsinki, President Joe Biden told a Finnish journalist that she might not make it home safely that evening.

Finland Joins Alliance

When asked about Finland’s recent inclusion in NATO, despite the ongoing war in Europe and its proximity to Russia, Biden commented on uncertainty and fatalism.

He assured Finnish President Sauli Niinisto that the United States will support Finland after its rapid entry into the alliance in response to the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Biden stressed that no one can predict the future and called it the biggest gamble one can make.

After addressing concerns about potential political divides in the US, Biden reaffirmed the commitment to mutual responsibility and collective defense outlined in the NATO Charter.

Despite the interruption, Biden continued speaking while the president of Finland started answering a related question.

“To clarify, I did not say we cannot guarantee the future. Just like you cannot tell me if you will make it home tonight. Nobody can predict their fate,” Biden responded to Lida Tikka, the YLE correspondent for Finland’s state radio in Washington, D.C.

Biden then described the alliance as transatlantic and assured that the US will remain committed to NATO throughout.

“It seems the president has addressed your concerns,” concluded the Finnish president. Niinisto expressed confidence in future US policy.

America Committed to NATO

Senators Tim Kaine and Marco Rubio introduced a bipartisan bill that would require congressional approval for a president to withdraw from NATO.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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