Biden Reverses Course: Reconstructing the Border Wall Using Trump’s Materials

Joe Biden’s administration has decided to construct a segment of the border wall. This decision comes just two months after they sold off all the parts of the Trump-era border wall, valued at $300 million, for a paltry sum of $2 million.

On his first day in office, Joe Biden, surrounded by fences and 20,000 military troops, hobbled into the Oval Office. He signed several executive orders, one of which marked the end of construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and another that halted the construction of the Trump border wall.

This was Biden’s first act as president, a move that effectively opened the US border to illegal aliens.

The consequences of this decision were immediate and far-reaching. An estimated 52,100 American jobs were lost in the process. During President Trump’s tenure, the progress of his border wall was closely monitored.

Despite facing opposition from then-Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and every Democrat in office, Trump managed to build hundreds of miles of a border wall. He also had to constantly defend his plan against the liberal legacy media who criticized his efforts to secure the US southern border.

However, under Biden’s administration, the border situation worsened. In the first two years of his presidency, over 5 million illegal immigrants crossed into the US. Since his inauguration, the number has risen to over 7 million.

The border wall materials, once a symbol of national security, were left to waste away in the southern US after Biden opened the borders in 2021.

In August, Maria Bartiromo announced that the Biden regime had sold the Trump border wall parts, worth $300 million, for a mere $2 million. This decision was met with widespread criticism, as it was seen as a waste of resources and a disregard for national security.

Now, just two months later, Biden is considering building more border wall in Texas. It took his administration two-and-a-half years of open borders and an influx of 7 million illegal aliens to admit President Trump’s approach was right.

However, the regret comes too late, as Biden already sold all the parts for scrap just two months ago.

This series of events raises questions about the Biden administration’s decision-making process and their commitment to national security. The decision to rebuild the border wall after selling off its parts at a fraction of their worth seems like a desperate attempt to rectify a mistake.

However, the damage has been done, and it remains to be seen how effective this new segment of the border wall will be in curbing illegal immigration.

The Biden administration’s handling of the border situation has been marked by questionable decisions and a lack of foresight. The decision to rebuild the border wall is a clear admission that the previous approach was flawed.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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