Biden’s Border Crisis: The Revealed Reality and Arizona’s Open Gates

The Biden administration’s border crisis has taken an alarming turn.

Despite repeated assurances from White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre that ‘the border is closed,’ ground reports paint a starkly different picture.

Particularly in Arizona, the border is not just porous, but literally wide open. A staggering 114 gates in the Arizona border fence have been welded open, creating a free pass for illegal migrants.

This move was ostensibly to allow maximum water flow during the rainy season. However, it has inadvertently turned into a gateway for illegal immigrants.

These open gates are being exploited by an average of 1,400 illegal aliens daily, who are entering the country without any hindrance from border enforcement authorities.

The situation is so baffling that even migrants themselves are left confused, with one Ecuadorian migrant expressing surprise at the lack of information or intervention from American border agents.

This crisis is not a random occurrence but appears to be a deliberate design.

Critics argue that this is exactly what the Democrats wanted – a human wave washing up in every state in the nation. The impact of this influx is felt far beyond the borders of Arizona.

In New York City, for instance, migrants are taking over places previously occupied by legal citizens. The Stratford Arms hotel on W. 70th Street, once home to students and senior citizens, is now overrun by these newcomers.

Residents of the city are living in fear as the neighborhood transforms into a hotbed of crime and unrest. Joe Germanotta, a resident of the area and father of pop icon Madonna, voiced his concerns about the deteriorating safety conditions.

He recounted an incident where a domestic dispute broke out on the street, with no arrests made by the police. This, he fears, is a sign of things to come if the current administration continues its lax border policies.

The reality of the border under the Biden administration is far from the narrative peddled in press briefings. The numbers of illegal immigrants continue to rise, with projections suggesting a staggering seven million by the end of Biden’s first term.

There is no vetting process in place for those coming through these open gates. No interviews, no court dates, no background checks, and no disease screenings.

Moreover, it’s not just innocent migrants seeking a better life who are crossing these gates. A significant percentage are involved in drug smuggling and human trafficking, including child sexual trafficking.

Gang members from northern triangle countries are also exploiting this opportunity to join their criminal counterparts in America’s cities.

The solution, some argue, is to complete the construction of the border wall. With the funds we’ve sent to Ukraine since last year, we could have built the entire wall ten times over.

It’s high time we prioritize our national security and start addressing this crisis immediately. The public deserves transparency and action, not just empty promises from the podium.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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