Biden’s Debate Performance Revealed Influence of Puppeteer Handlers

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, the scrutiny on the candidates intensifies. The first presidential debate was not just a clash of ideas but also shed light on the influence exerted by Joe Biden’s handlers. During a recent interview with Howard Stern on “The Howard Stern Show,” Biden’s compliance with his team’s guidance raised concerns about who is truly in control behind the scenes.

Biden’s candid admission of being coached by his handlers before the debate, following their directions unquestioningly, exposed a concerning level of manipulation. This spectacle left observers pondering about the actual power dynamics at play. With the nation as the audience, Biden’s handlers were unmasked as the orchestrators of his campaign.

This incident is not an isolated case of scrutiny toward Biden’s handlers. The scripted and rehearsed nature of Biden’s responses during the debate highlighted a lack of authenticity. It was apparent that the team’s focus was not on presenting Biden’s genuine viewpoints but rather on advancing their own agenda. This raises valid questions about the true nature of Biden’s candidacy – is he the driving force, or are his handlers?

The notion of a potential president being controlled by vested interests is disconcerting. Beyond the debate outcome, the incident underscores the implications of a leader who appears incapable of independent thinking. A leader entrusted with the nation’s future must exhibit autonomy in decision-making. Biden’s reliance on his handlers raises doubts about his suitability for the presidency.

The media’s apparent efforts to downplay Biden’s performance and his handlers’ influence are alarming. Despite evident signs, mainstream media outlets have chosen to deflect attention from these issues and focus on criticizing President Trump instead. This biased coverage reinforces the narrative of a managed narrative around Biden’s campaign, prioritizing image over transparency.

Reflection on the debate underscores the handlers’ failure to project Biden as a strong and competent leader. Their overbearing control over Biden’s actions hints at a lack of confidence in his abilities. It is imperative for conservatives to question the leadership capabilities of a candidate so evidently guided by handlers. The country merits a leader capable of autonomous, informed decision-making, rather than one overshadowed by external influence.

Biden’s debate performance was not merely a letdown; it was a revelation. It brought to light the handlers manipulating the Democratic nominee for their own motives. As the election nears, it is crucial to look beyond surface impressions and critically assess the candidates and their entourages. The truth gleaned from that debate stage calls for a discerning voter base.

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