Biden’s Hypocrisy Exposed: Denouncing Preferential Treatment in Elite College Admissions

President Joe Biden’s liberal agenda suffered a serious setback last month. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected affirmative action as a factor in college selection.

Biden Has Double Standards

In classic Biden style, he chose not to pursue legislative action to address the reverse racism caused by generations of discrimination based on race. Instead, Biden will attempt to continue it through executive order.

According to Biden, he will be ordering the Department of Education to look into which procedures increase privilege, rather than opportunity.

This includes legacy admissions and various other structures. Biden will also have the Education Department review what actions hinder the development of more diverse and open-minded school bodies.

Biden said pupils from the wealthiest one percent of American families are 77 times more probable to enroll in an exceptional college than pupils from the bottom 20 percent of households.

He added that too many educational institutions now only allow those who are rich and well-connected to profit from the educational system.

However, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Biden’s campaign to keep members of the one percent out of selective universities might start at home.

According to The Free Beacon, Joe and Hunter Biden applied pressure on University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann in 2018 to secure admission for Joe’s granddaughter, Maisy, to the prestigious institution.

The Washington Free Beacon said messages and emails sent from Hunter Biden’s laptop demonstrate how the Bidens fought to get an inferior relative into one of the most elite colleges in the nation.

Maisy Biden wasn’t a particularly good student. She had her heart set on the University of Pennsylvania, though, which has one of the highest exclusivity rates in the nation (5.9%).

Biden Pushes for Admission

The Bidens had many discussions concerning Maisy’s situation with Gutmann and the deans at Penn in the following months. It worked out for them.

In the autumn of 2019, Maisy Biden enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania. Exactly four years later, Maisy received her Bachelor of Arts degree.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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