Biden’s Peculiar Conduct: A Collection of Troubling Encounters with Children

President Joe Biden’s behavior with children has been the subject of criticism and mockery. His interactions have raised questions about the appropriateness of his conduct.

During a White House ceremony, Biden announced new legislation aimed at creating jobs and reducing carbon emissions. Scott Strazic, CEO of energy company GE Vernova, expressed gratitude on behalf of his employees and children, highlighting their role in the fight against climate change.

However, it was Biden’s comments after the ceremony that drew attention. Dan Everhart, CEO of oilfield service company Canary, criticized Biden for his awkwardness around children, highlighting this as a recurring pattern.

Biden’s conduct during a trip to Finland in July further fueled the criticism. In an unsettling interaction caught on camera, Biden pretended to gobble up a little girl and sniffed her while greeting well-wishers at an airport.

This incident attracted ridicule on social media, with some suggesting Biden should be placed in a nursing home due to his strange behavior.

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and Senator Ted Cruz expressed their disapproval, and Donald Trump Jr. commented that Biden should be in a nursing home instead of leading the free world.

Conservative activist Caleb Hull described the incident as Biden’s creepiest moment with a child.

The incident in Helsinki was not an isolated occurrence. Biden has been known to engage in similar interactions in the past, raising concerns about his conduct.

Footage from the Helsinki airport showed Biden leaning toward a young girl held by her mother, making gobbling motions and nibbling on her shoulder.

The child appeared visibly uncomfortable, squirming and turning away from the president.

In another instance at a White House event, Biden made a remark to a group of children, saying that their “daddy owes” them ice cream.

This comment also drew criticism and was labeled as “creepy” by some.

These incidents raise questions about Biden’s conduct and appropriateness as the leader of the free world. His actions are constantly under scrutiny.

It remains to be seen how Biden will respond to these criticisms and whether he will adjust his behavior in future interactions.