Biden’s Principal Associate Faces Criticism for Spreading Outrageous Falsehood

The Biden administration continues to show that its agenda of making the president look good matters more than being honest with the American people.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is a prime example of this. On numerous occasions, the president’s top aide chooses to lie and mislead Americans, rather than operate with integrity.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that Jean-Pierre landed in hot water for falsely alleging that Biden created “ten thousand million jobs.”

Unfortunately, the White House press secretary is back at it again. According to Fox News, she’s now taking heat for lying about Americans’ financial situations with Biden in office.

No One Believes This

Jean-Pierre recently stood before the media and claimed that under the current administration, people “feel better” about their financial situations.

The White House press secretary then went on to argue that Biden is responsible for wage increases and 13 million jobs that are “good-paying.”

Of course, none of this is accurate. Inflation is still a problem. Many families across the country are still fighting to make it month to month. People are having to take on extra jobs just to pay the bills and keep their utilities from being shut off.

The Bottom Line

As long as Biden remains in office and sticks with policies that are void of fiscal responsibility, Americans’ financial situations are going to continue to suffer. Simply saying that all is well when it’s clearly not is deceitful and insulting to people’s intelligence.

On social media, Biden’s press secretary is once again being called out for telling staggering lies. People’s financial situations in this country aren’t good and they haven’t been good for quite some time.

It is for this very reason (and many others) that Americans can’t afford another four years of the Biden administration. This president and all his aides must be swiftly booted out of office.

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Written by Western Reader

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