Bishop from New York Receives 9-Year Prison Sentence for Wire Fraud and Attempted Extortion

Lamor Whitehead, a prominent bishop from Brooklyn known for his lavish lifestyle, has been given a nine-year jail term for wire fraud and attempted extortion. The 45-year-old clergyman, nicknamed the “Bling Bishop” for his love of expensive clothing and luxury cars, was convicted on multiple charges, including lying to federal officials.

Whitehead’s troubles began when he was accused of deceiving his congregation members. One of his victims, an elderly lady, was convinced to invest $90,000 of her retirement funds under false pretenses that it would help her buy a house. Instead, Whitehead used the money for his extravagant lifestyle, purchasing luxury items and covering personal expenses. When the woman requested her money back, Whitehead continued to lie to her, citing inability to return the funds​​.

The bishop’s fraudulent activities were not limited to his church members. He was also found guilty of trying to extort $5,000 from a businessman. Whitehead went further to seek a $500,000 loan from the same businessman, promising political favors in return. These favors, he alleged, could be acquired through his connections with Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, even though he knew he couldn’t fulfill these promises​​.

Furthermore, Whitehead submitted a falsified application for a $250,000 business loan, using altered bank statements that falsely inflated his financial standing. His deceitful behavior did not stop there; during the investigation, Whitehead lied to FBI agents, worsening his legal situation​​.

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams emphasized the breach of trust evident in Whitehead’s actions. “Lamor Whitehead exploited the trust placed in him by a parishioner, attempted to secure a fraudulent loan using fake financial records, coerced a businessman for $5,000, and misled federal agents,” Williams expressed. “Whitehead’s abhorrent lies and criminal behavior have caught up with him, leading to his conviction on five federal charges and a prison sentence”​​.

The sentencing represents a significant downfall for Whitehead, who previously made headlines when his church was robbed during a live broadcast in July 2022. Despite his claims of innocence and allegations of an unfair trial, the jury’s decision and the judge’s ruling underscore the seriousness of his actions.

Whitehead’s case serves as a stark example of the repercussions of exploiting trust for personal gain. His conviction underscores law enforcement’s dedication to holding individuals responsible, regardless of their standing or public image.

Whitehead will commence serving his sentence promptly, with his future prospects in ministry and public life considerably dimmed by his criminal history.

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