British Prison Faces a Significant Challenge

When individuals are sentenced to prison, it is their duty to serve their time for the crimes they have committed.

Similarly, prison guards, as employees of the prison, are responsible for overseeing daily operations and ensuring that everyone fulfills their obligations.

However, when prison guards fail to fulfill their responsibilities, it leads to various problems. According to the Gateway Pundit, this has become a major issue at HM Prison Berwyn, a prison in Wales, Great Britain.

Surprising Revelations

Over the past six years, HM Prison Berwyn has faced a significant crisis. Eighteen female prison guards have been caught engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with male prisoners.

Upon the discovery of these inappropriate relationships, the female prison guards either resigned or were terminated immediately.

In some cases, the female prison guards involved in these relationships even smuggled items like phones and illegal contraband to the male prisoners.

Many of these women not only lost their jobs but also faced trial and subsequent imprisonment.

Public Concerns

Many people are questioning why the issue of female prison guards engaging with male prisoners has become so prevalent at HM Prison Berwyn in Wales.

On social media, HM Prison Berwyn is facing criticism for allowing this issue to spiral out of control and occur so frequently in a relatively short period.

So far, HM Prison Berwyn has not made any public statements regarding the issue of female prison guards involved with male prisoners. However, news reports about female prison guards being imprisoned for these relationships continue to circulate.

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