Bud Light dismisses woke culture by partnering with comedian


In a bold move, Bud Light has announced a partnership with comedian Shane Gillis, signaling a shift away from the pervasive ‘woke’ culture. This decision comes after a period of declining popularity for the brand, which had previously aligned itself with more progressive figures.

The collaboration with Gillis, known for his unapologetically brash and politically incorrect humor, marks a significant change for Bud Light. The company’s pivot suggests a recognition that catering exclusively to one side of the cultural spectrum may not be the most prudent business strategy.

Gillis, 36, brings a comedic style that resonates with a large segment of Americans who feel alienated by the current trend of corporate virtue signaling. His humor, often characterized as foul-mouthed and irreverent, appeals to those who long for a return to less censored and more straightforward entertainment.

The move by Bud Light can be seen as a response to consumer fatigue with brands that appear to prioritize social justice messaging over product quality or customer enjoyment. By partnering with Gillis, Bud Light is tapping into a growing desire for authenticity and a break from the moralizing tone that has become common in advertising.

Critics of ‘woke’ culture have praised Bud Light’s decision as a win for free speech and comedic freedom. They argue that comedy should not be constrained by the fear of offending, and that audiences are capable of deciding for themselves what content they find acceptable or funny.

This partnership also reflects pushback against cancel culture, where individuals and their careers are often jeopardized by past statements or jokes. By choosing to work with Gillis, who has faced his own controversies, Bud Light is sending a message that it stands against the erasure of individuals for imperfect pasts.

The announcement has stirred up considerable conversation on social media, with many expressing support for the brand’s new direction. It remains to be seen how this will impact Bud Light’s market performance, but it’s clear that the company is willing to take risks to reconnect with a base of consumers who felt left behind.

As Bud Light embarks on this new chapter with Shane Gillis, it is evident that the cultural tides may be turning. Companies are beginning to acknowledge the diversity of thought among their customers and the importance of not alienating those who hold different views. Whether this will lead to a sustained change in corporate marketing strategies or simply a brief experiment, only time will tell.


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