Burbank’s Mayor, a Democrat and Self-Proclaimed Marxist, Supports Defunding the Police

Konstantine Anthony, the Democratic mayor of Burbank, California, has been making headlines for more than just his unconventional antics at a recent fundraiser.

Known for his public display of getting spanked by a drag queen at an event open to attendees aged 15 and above, Anthony has now revealed his radical political ideologies that left many questioning his suitability for office.

Anthony, in a candid interview with Fox News Digital, openly declared himself as a Marxist. This revelation sparked a wave of controversy, given the historical implications and negative connotations associated with Marxism.

Though the surprises didn’t stop there. The Burbank mayor went on to express his support for the complete abolition of the police force. He was not merely advocating for defunding, but a total dismantlement of the law enforcement institution.

This radical stance left many wondering how such individuals manage to secure positions of power and influence.

Anthony defended his position by arguing police do not impact crime rates. Instead, he pointed to poverty, mental health issues, economic disparities, drug addiction, and one’s familial or local environment as the real instigators of crime.

While these factors undoubtedly play a role in crime prevalence, the notion of a ‘policeless state’ is a concept that many find hard to digest.

Further elaborating on his Marxist beliefs, Anthony attempted to align the principles of Marxism with the American dream.

He suggested most Americans unknowingly aspire to Marxist ideals when they express their desire to be their own boss. According to him, Democratic Socialists have been fighting for this very cause for over a century.

The mayor’s attempt to rebrand Marxism and present it as synonymous with American socialism has been met with skepticism.

Detaching Marxism from its German roots and repackaging it under the guise of American socialism does not change the fundamental principles that it stands for, many critics argue.

The revelations about Mayor Anthony’s political ideologies led to a flurry of questions about his suitability for office. Is this radical Marxist truly the best representative for the people of Burbank or could there have been a more suitable candidate for the position?

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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