California Assembly Blocks Bill to Impose Life Sentence for Child Trafficking

The California Assembly Committee on Public Safety rejected a proposal that would have increased the penalties for human trafficking. Despite receiving approval from the state’s Senate with bipartisan support, the initiative did not receive support from the committee.


This legislation would have classified the trafficking of minors as a “major felony,” carrying a life sentence or capital punishment, similar to homicide or rape.

On Tuesday, the California Assembly Public Safety Committee rejected the legislation, causing a victim to express their strong disapproval and burst into tears.

Fox News reported that no Democrats on the committee supported the bill.

Only one Republican congressman, Assemblyman Tom Lackey, voted in favor of the legislation. The GOP deputy chair of the committee, Assemblyman Juan Alanis, was not present during the vote.

The report suggests that S.B. 14 may be reconsidered by the California Assembly in the future, possibly next year.

The legislation was sponsored by Elizabeth Smart, herself a survivor of kidnapping at the age of 14, which gained international attention.

Smart stated that the bill should be voted into policy immediately without any hesitation.

She continued by saying that many trafficking victims are afraid to come forward due to concerns about the reaction and backlash from the perpetrators.

Smart emphasized the importance of justice for those who have suffered and the need to protect survivors from trafficking.

No Justice

According to Smart, trafficking is a disgusting and brutal crime that many people will never experience in their lifetimes. She believed that this legislation was a crucial step towards protecting survivors and achieving justice for them.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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