Canadians PM Trudeau Assigns Responsibility for Muslim Anti-LGBTQ Protests to Americans

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed the American right for Muslim and LGBTQ indoctrination in K-12 education, new footage shows. 

In the video shared on social media, Trudeau is seen lecturing Muslim Canadian parents about Pride events in the education system, telling them their feelings stem from right-wing American influences. 

Muslims Asked Trudeau to Protect Their Faith; He Instead Lectured Them  

In response to the mandatory sexual education of their children involving gender ideology, hundreds of protesters congregated at the Baitun Nur Mosque, chanting, “Leave our kids alone.”

Frustration intensified when an audio recording emerged, revealing an Edmonton Public Schools teacher admonishing Muslim students who had chosen to skip school to avoid participating in Pride events.

The Edmonton teacher lectured the Muslim students that if they did not want to suffer prejudice due to their religion, “they must extend the same respect to those who are different from them,” given “social justice” is a “two-way street.” 

Muslims soon approached the Canadian PM, asking him to protect their beliefs and religion and saying such action against them was a sin. 

Trudeau responded by dismissing their concerns, saying they were based on American conservative-fueled disinformation and misinformation. 

The Religious Right in Canada is both Christian and Muslim 

According to Trudeau, Muslims, like Christians, are exploiting the topic of LGBT rights. This issue holds significant importance in Islam, just as it does for Christianity and the Christian Right in Canada. 

Recently, American progressive pundits have begun aiming at Islam. Michelle Goldberg, a syndicate for the New York Times, said conservatives are influencing Muslims about their “fears” of gender ideology. 

Ismail Royer, an Islamic fellow at the Religious Freedom Institute, told Fox News that the left aims to intimidate Muslims by pressuring them to accept their agenda of influencing their children. 

Royer stated leftists treat Muslims as if they have no agency or individual autonomy over issues such as gender ideology. 

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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