CDC Exposed for Alleged Fabrication of Vaccine Death Data

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been accused of fabricating data on vaccine-related deaths, adding to the controversy surrounding COVID vaccines and lockdown measures.

Despite being a prominent advocate for vaccination, the CDC is now facing allegations of deceit.

The recent revelations indicate that the globalist cabal has been deliberately misrepresenting the cause of death in order to downplay adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.

Lying About Vaccine Death Toll

According to a recent report by the Brownstone Institute, the CDC has been manipulating information about vaccine-related deaths.

An anonymous whistleblower has come forward with troubling information about the actual number of vaccine-related deaths in Minnesota, revealing the CDC’s deceptive tactics.

It appears that the CDC has not been forthcoming about the true death toll from vaccine-related injuries in the United States.

In Minnesota, the CDC has been altering death certificates to exclude vaccine-related deaths, intentionally downplaying the risks associated with COVID vaccines.

The death certificate is a legal document that should accurately reflect the cause of death, including vaccine-related incidents as defined by ICD 10.

The CDC’s manipulation of at least seven death certificates in Minnesota demonstrates a concerted effort to downplay the proven dangers of COVID vaccines.

The CDC Has Been Lying To You

The CDC’s credibility has been called into question, as it has been consistently dishonest with the American people and has failed to prioritize their well-being.

These recent revelations take the CDC’s deception to a new level, exposing their political and ideological motivations that override scientific evidence and factual accuracy.

The public was urged to “follow the science,” get vaccinated, and adhere to lockdown measures as a means to combat COVID. However, it is now evident that these recommendations were driven by extreme political ideologies and subjective opinions rather than an objective assessment of scientific data.

Don’t Trust the CDC

Given these revelations, it is clear that the CDC cannot be trusted as an independent and reliable source of health information. The organization’s affiliation with globalist interests raises further concerns about its commitment to genuine disease prevention and public health.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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