Chinese Intel Operations Discovered in 7 Cities Across the US

Since a Chinese spy balloon conducted surveillance on US military bases and intercepted communications, tensions between the US and China have been increasing. But recent revelations have further strained the relationship by uncovering covert operations carried out by one of China’s intelligence agencies within the US for several years. These operations involve maintaining contact with Beijing’s national police and deporting perceived “traitors” back to China, which could have significant implications.

Chinese intelligence operating discreetly

The United Work Front Department, the agency involved, has set up “service centers” in seven US cities, using nonprofit organizations and the promotion of Chinese culture as a cover. However, these centers, behind their apparent benevolent purpose, gather intelligence in the US and hunt down Chinese nationals seeking refuge from persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Recent reports even revealed that representatives from these service centers have met with officials from China’s Ministry of Public Security to discuss cross-border justice services, indicating a more sinister intent.

Failure to recognize alarming signs

Although China’s commitment to justice may seem commendable, the execution of these operations raises concerns, particularly as the targeted individuals labeled as “wanted criminals” are often those who have challenged the oppressive CCP regime. The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) is commonly known as China’s FBI, and the US Department of Justice has acknowledged its involvement in security operations beyond China’s borders. In April of this year, the DOJ charged two individuals for attempting to establish a secret police station on behalf of the MPS. Despite this, these operations continue to expand throughout the US.

The extent of China’s covert operations within the US is deeply troubling. Caution should have been exercised when Chinese companies began purchasing properties near US military bases. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recognized this issue and took action to address it, but it appears that these activities have simply relocated. Although there is no concrete evidence linking each service center to MPS operations, enough suspicion exists to warrant attention and concern.

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