Christians Successfully Advocate for Life in Landmark Legal Battle Against Biden

Joe Biden, despite claiming to be a devout Catholic, is a strong supporter of abortion access and the right to have an abortion.

Currently, Biden’s stance puts him at odds with federal law because Roe v. Wade is no longer valid, and access to abortion is now determined by state rules.

In other words, the federal government can no longer enforce the legalization of abortion or dictate the rules for states. However, abortions are still permitted on government-owned properties and institutions such as the military.

Now, a Christian nurse from Virginia has won a landmark case against the Biden administration, compelling them to stop including abortion in every possible medical sector.

Not On My Watch!

Stephanie Carter works at a Veteran’s Administration-funded clinic in Temple, Texas, which is located about an hour north of Austin.

As a woman of faith and a Bible-believing Christian, she became deeply concerned when she learned that the Biden administration would be allocating an additional $71 million through the VA for funding abortions.

In response, she filed a lawsuit last year to prevent any VA funding from being used for abortion, which has already been prohibited since 1992.

However, the Biden administration attempted to bypass the law and allocate funds for abortions through a secondary department, arguing that it falls under the umbrella of “health” care.

When Carter requested to be exempted from any involvement in performing or assisting with abortions, her request was denied.

Consequently, she filed a lawsuit arguing that the denial violated her religious beliefs, and in a significant victory for people of faith, she recently won her case against the VA.

Read the Fine Print

Although Carter has succeeded in ensuring that she will not be involved in any abortions or abortion-related activities, her victory does not prevent them from occurring altogether.

What she has achieved is the recognition that her religious objection must be respected and protected. This opens the door for people of faith to challenge abortion provisions at the federal level, but there is still work to be done in the fight for the right to life.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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