Congressman Matt Gaetz Requests Clarification From FBI Agents Who Participated in BLM Kneeling

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida has been a prominent member of the America First movement for several years. He is known for his unwavering stance.

Unlike some Republicans who prioritize appeasement, Gaetz is not interested in aligning with the left.

He is committed to defending America and seeks answers regarding the corruption and anti-American sentiments that have become increasingly prevalent.

The recent issue involves the FBI and a specific FBI agent who knelt during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest.

Gaetz Seeks Answers

Gaetz is specifically demanding clarification about the events of the summer of 2020.

In a letter addressed to FBI Director Chris Wray, Gaetz questions why at least five FBI agents were observed kneeling for BLM during protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

Gaetz emphasizes that the FBI’s role is to protect America, not to take sides in political protests and domestic unrest. Specifically, he highlights that on June 4, 2020, five agents kneeled for BLM during protests outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

One of the agents involved is named Sarah Linden.

Gaetz seeks more information about Linden, the subsequent actions taken, and the reasons behind them. It appears to him, as well as others, that Linden was rewarded for her support of BLM by her superiors, which raises concerns.

Holding the FBI Accountable

Gaetz emphasizes in his letter that the FBI should not be aligning with protesters, especially those with intentions to “overthrow” the US government.

It is crucial to remember that the BLM movement is a far-left Marxist movement that seeks the abolition of capitalism, the traditional family, and the US system of government.

Gaetz questions why the FBI would kneel for such a movement.

The Bottom Line

There is a need for Linden to be held accountable and swiftly removed from her position. Additionally, a complete overhaul and restructuring of the FBI is necessary.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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