Controversy Erupts at Wisconsin State Fair Over Cow’s Offensive Name

In the heart of West Allis, Wisconsin, a seemingly ordinary day at the renowned Wisconsin State Fair took an unexpected turn. David Blake, a local resident from Pewaukee, was left stunned and outraged by what he discovered during his family outing at the fair last week.

As they strolled through the barn, a place typically filled with joy and excitement, Blake stumbled upon a sight that left him taken aback.

Among the prize-winning animals, one cow stood out, not for its accolades, but for its name. The cow, which had won the top senior three-year-old award, bore a name that Blake identified as a racial slur.

Blake expressed his shock and disappointment, comparing the racial slur to other derogatory terms that are universally recognized as inappropriate.

He was particularly upset with the fair organizers for their lack of oversight in reviewing the names of the animals showcased at the event. “Shame on the state fair,” Blake lamented, questioning how such an oversight could have occurred.

The controversy escalated when Vaun Mayes, a community activist known as “Milwaukee’s Malcolm X,” shared an image of the cow’s nameplate on Facebook.

The cow was named “Milgene Tatoo Jigaboo”, a term that carries historical racial insensitivity. Mayes called for immediate action, urging the State Fair to rectify the situation.

The term ‘jigaboo’ is an old racial slur that was prevalent in the 19th and early 20th centuries. While many Americans may be unfamiliar with the term, those who do recognize it understand its derogatory implications.

In response to the public outcry, the State Fair took swift action. The cow’s name was promptly changed to ‘Puzzle’ and the exhibitor, the Hildebrandt family from Hustisford, was removed from the fair.

Tess Kerksen, a spokesperson for the State Fair, expressed regret over the incident, stating, “We do not tolerate or condone this behavior. We are sorry this happened and was not brought to our attention sooner.”

The Hildebrandt family also issued a statement, apologizing to the black community for their unintentional offense. They claimed ignorance of the term’s racial connotations and pledged to further educate themselves on such matters.

This article appeared in The Political Globe
and has been published here with permission.

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