Democracy Under Threat: AfD Leaders Facing Targeted Attacks and Death Threats by ANTIFA

The leaders of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party have become the targets of politically motivated violence. Tino Chrupalla, head of the AfD, was recently attacked by Antifa radicals, while Alice Weidel, the co-chair, has been forced into hiding following credible threats to her life.

Chrupalla was rushed to the hospital in Ingolstadt, a South German town, after being assaulted with a syringe containing an unknown substance. The incident occurred during a rally in Ingolstadt, home to the renowned car maker Audi. Chrupalla reportedly suffered an anaphylactic shock as a result of the attack.

Before being taken to the hospital, he pointed out two young men who were later found with a syringe at the scene.

Meanwhile, Alice Weidel has been under police protection for ten days following credible assassination threats. This has led to the cancellation of her campaign plans for the AfD ahead of state elections in Bavaria and Hesse. The threats against Weidel are a chilling reminder of the lengths some will go to silence political opposition.

The AfD is currently polling at 23% nationally, making it the most popular single party in Germany. This surge in popularity has not gone unnoticed. Over the weekend, Elon Musk shared a post by Italian account Radio Genoa, urging Germans to support the AfD.

This move sent shockwaves through the leftist media, further highlighting the growing influence of the AfD.

Despite these attacks, thousands of Germans rallied in Berlin and Munich on National Holiday, October 3, calling for the government to step down. These demonstrations, largely ignored by European media, underscore the growing discontent among the German populace.

These incidents are part of a larger pattern of politically motivated violence against the AfD. Stefan Jurca, an AfD candidate, was attacked in Augsburg in August, while Beatrix von Storch, the AfD Vice-Speaker in the Bundestag, was assaulted with feces by a leftist.

The German government’s response to these attacks has been criticized as inadequate. Critics argue that the government’s tactics echo those of the East German Stasi, with officials like Interior Minister Nancy Faeser and “Diversity Czar” Ferda Ataman allegedly supporting far-left Antifa activities.

In conclusion, the recent attacks on the AfD leaders are a stark reminder of the threats faced by those who dare to challenge the status quo. As the AfD continues to gain popularity, it is crucial for the German public and the international community to remain vigilant against such acts of politically motivated violence.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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