Democratic Official Targets Journalist Andy Ngo in Richmond Bomb Threat Incident

Jimmie Lee Jarvis, a member of the Richmond City Democratic Committee, is alleged to be involved in a bomb threat against well-known journalist Andy Ngo.

This shocking incident took place on September 24 and has caused a stir in the political landscape of Richmond, Virginia.

The situation unfolded when plans for the “Virginia Forum,” an event featuring Andy Ngo, were canceled twice due to threats from a local Antifa group.

The event was initially scheduled to take place at The Commonwealth Club, but they declined due to concerns over safety.

This decision came after radical groups targeted the event and its location on social media.

Despite the organizers moving the event to a local Westin hotel, Antifa members pressured the hotel to cancel it as well.

Andy Ngo, who has been a target of attacks for exposing violence by Antifa, eventually held the event at a third undisclosed location.

This incident highlights the radicalism in Richmond, where violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots have occurred.

Ngo has previously spoken about the far-left’s attempts to shut down his events in Richmond.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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