Democrats Have Transformed This City into a Profitable Haven for Drug Gangs

San Francisco Democratic leaders have been working tirelessly to turn the city into a cesspool of lawlessness.

Thus far, they’ve created a literal gold mine for drug gangs from Honduras. They conquered the downtown Tenderloin district because there is no punishment for criminals under the pro-crime Democrats, a report reveals.

$350,000 Annually From Selling Death to Americans

Drug dealers from the Central American country of Honduras – many of them illegal immigrants – have taken over San Francisco’s Tenderloin Quarter. They are calling it the “Million Dollar Mile,” the Daily Mail

More than 200 Honduran illegal aliens were charged as drug dealers since 2022.

The Honduran migrants appear to be in a “nice” symbiosis with the Mexican drug cartels, who are only all too happy to supply the goods. Since 2020, San Francisco has seen over 2,200 overdose deaths.

According to the report, Honduran drug dealers are literally thriving in San Francisco, thanks to the Democrats’ relaxed policies on drugs. Some of them earn more than $350,000 per year.

They Just Stumbled Upon a Business

It quotes a retired DEA agent who says the whole “enterprise” began when a small group of Honduran migrants started dealing drugs. They then quickly realized they faced no punishment while striking it rich in no time.

According to the report, the dealers aren’t “forced” to sell drugs by the cartels, but actually run a “global operation” out of several villages in Honduras.

Remarkably enough, the ex-agent reveals, Hondurans managed to overwhelm San Francisco’s old network of African-American distributors after a period of violence between the two groups.

The advance of the Hondurans comes with a spike in the use of the deadly drug fentanyl, much of which is produced in Communist China and sold to the Mexican drug cartels.

In the past year, over 200,000 citizens of Honduras were encountered among the illegal immigrants at the Southern Border.

As the San Francisco case shows, third-world criminals are rapidly taking over Democrat-run cities, terrorizing Americans. These criminals also have no shortage of foot soldiers.

This article appeared in
The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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