Emergency Call Transcript Reveals Shocking Details About Cocaine Usage

The White House was temporarily evacuated on Sunday night after a Hazmat team was called in to investigate a dangerous chemical. According to an EMS radio transmission, the substance tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

A few days earlier, Hunter Biden, who is in recovery from cocaine addiction, was seen at the White House before he and his father, Joe, left for a long weekend at Camp David.

Progress in the Investigation

The Biden Justice Department is using Hunter’s drug dependence to potentially secure a more favorable outcome for him in a gun offense case that would otherwise be considered a federal crime.

Contrary to previous reports, on Monday night, large amounts of suspected cocaine were found within the White House, as confirmed by Newsmax journalist James Rosen.

Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt expressed outrage over the cocaine revelation. According to an article by Kristinn Taylor, the Secret Service informed the Washington Post that the substance found in the White House tested positive for cocaine and is currently undergoing further testing for verification.

The emergency radio call was published by The Daily Mail on Tuesday morning. The call contained coded information.

“Repeat, I didn’t replicate your Gemini findings. The outcomes from Gemini don’t match. A red bar was discovered.”

“There was nothing similar in the library. Welcome up. We now know the Gemini’s outcome. A yellow bar indicates the presence of cocaine hydrochloride. 53214 is the path number.”

According to NBC News on Wednesday, a certified laboratory test confirmed that the white powder found in a “highly trafficked” area of the White House is cocaine, as stated by an anonymous source involved in the investigation.

Investigation Underway

It has been reported that security logs and surveillance footage will be examined to determine who is responsible for bringing the drug into the White House, although the investigation’s outcome is not in question.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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