Exposed: The Disturbing Link Between the Woke Left and Racism

The woke left argues that America is racist and that white people are oppressors. They assert that black people are facing unprecedented hardship, reparations need to be paid, and people of color who are criminals should be released from jail.

However, beneath their self-righteous claims of victimhood lies a disturbing truth about the woke left’s “anti-racism” crusade: it depends on racism to sustain itself.

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How the Woke Left Amplifies Racism

The woke left and leaders in the “anti-racist” movement, such as Ibram X. Kendi, have one major fear: the eradication of racism. If racism were to disappear or become significantly reduced, they would be exposed as figures driven by hatred and divisiveness.

And that is exactly what people like Kendi represent. They rely on fostering hate and spreading division as part of the globalist plan to divide and conquer America and implement green socialism.

Kendi and his allies are not striving to end racism; instead, they seek to exacerbate it in order to dismantle the remaining American spirit and unity.

They are essentially racial instigators.

Evaluating Individuals Without Racial Bias

During the Civil Rights era, figures like MLK Jr. argued against using race as a criterion for judging individuals.

While MLK Jr. did promote “black is beautiful” and encouraged racial pride, he never stated that white people were inherently evil or that black people were inherently good.

He emphasized the need for people to move past their childish fixation on skin color as an indicator of character. However, the woke left has regressed to that very mindset.

Seeing Through the DEI Deception

The entire Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) industry and its advocates rely on intimidation and inventing problems where none exist.

Without racism, these jobs would cease to exist. People would realize that leftist manipulators have been using racism as a distraction from real issues.

This article originally appeared in StatesmanPost and is republished here with permission.

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