FBI Accused of Ignoring Hunter Biden’s Scandals, Unveiling Alleged Double Standards by Peter Schweizer

The president of the Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweitzer, and Eric Eggers, in an episode of The Drill Down, suggested the Department of Justice acted with prejudice by dismissing Hunter Biden’s schemes for the 37 charges against former President Trump.

Hunter Will Get Off Easily, Regardless of Charges Against Him

Schweitzer explained that Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges, resulting in probation instead of imprisonment.

Recently, Hunter Biden reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors. He agreed to accept the two misdemeanor tax charges, while opting for a pretrial diversion agreement to avoid prosecution on a felony firearm charge.

However, according to Schweitzer, the Department of Justice bypassed the Foreign Agent Registration Act. This would penalize Hunter Biden for his involvement with Mykola Zlochevsky and his company Burisma.

Schweitzer elaborates that emails which provide evidence indicate Hunter and his business associates were aware of the potential violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) law.

Eggers pointed out that Hunter Biden got a pass from the DoJ given his drug addiction, an aspect that kept prosecutors reluctant to pursue charges.

Trump May Have Selectively Targeted Biden to Take Attention Away from Hunter

An audio recording from 2022 was played by Schweitzer as evidence that Biden derailed Trump, stating their task is to showcase that if Trump decides to run, they must prevent him from assuming power.

It could also ensure, through lawful means defined by the US Constitution, that Trump does not become the next president again.

Schweitzer said that Trump, either via January 6, his phone call with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and most notably the Russian collusion scheme, has been subjected to either one form of legal attack or another.

In the modern justice system, it comes down to whether you have an R or a D in your name.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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