FBI Investigates Alleged Misconduct by Mayor, Putting Him Under Fire

In a developing story that has caught the attention of federal investigators, the Democrat mayor of New Orleans, Latoya Cantrell, is currently embroiled in controversy. The FBI is conducting a probe into allegations of an ‘ongoing adulterous affair’ with her former head of police detail, Jeffrey Vappie, raising serious questions about the misuse of city property and potential abuse of government funds.

The scandal came to light when security footage revealed Mayor Cantrell and Vappie spending extensive periods together inside a city-owned apartment during work hours. This revelation has led to further scrutiny of the mayor’s actions, including her travel expenditures and the nature of her relationship with her bodyguard.

Mayor Cantrell’s tenure has been marked by a series of questionable financial decisions. Reports indicate that she upgraded hotel bookings to king suites during trips to Washington, DC, and San Francisco, incurring additional costs estimated around $2,400. These upgrades appear to be in violation of New Orleans city policy, which prohibits such expenses unless no other accommodations are available to fulfill the purpose of travel.

Further adding to the controversy, Cantrell was required to reimburse nearly $30,000 to the city after it was discovered she had upgraded her flights to first class. She initially defended these upgrades as necessary for the safety of black women traveling in economy class. However, this defense was met with skepticism, and the mayor eventually repaid the city for the expenses.

The mayor’s personal life has also come under scrutiny. Officer Kristy Johnson-Stokes, who worked with Cantrell, described the mayor as overly familiar with her security detail, expecting them to perform personal errands such as picking up her daughter from school and watering her plants. This blurring of professional boundaries has raised ethical concerns.

Amidst these allegations, Cantrell has maintained that her relationship with Vappie was strictly professional. However, Danielle Vappie, Jeffrey’s wife and Chief Academic Officer at Einstein Charter Schools in New Orleans, alleges that the affair began in May 2021, coinciding with the time Jeffrey started working on Cantrell’s detail.

The situation bears resemblance to the downfall of ex-Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, who, along with her bodyguard, faced legal repercussions for similar misconduct. The comparison underscores the gravity of the accusations against Mayor Cantrell and the potential consequences she may face if found guilty of misusing her position and city resources.

As the investigation unfolds, the citizens of New Orleans are left to ponder the integrity of their elected leader. With the FBI probe ongoing, the full extent of the alleged improprieties remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is that Mayor Cantrell’s actions have cast a shadow over her administration and the city she serves.

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