Founder of DeSantis Super PAC Changes Loyalties, Now Supports Trump

John Thomas, the founder of the DeSantis super PAC, publicly criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and threw his support behind former President Trump.

This unexpected development unfolded during an interview on News Nation, where Thomas made some startling revelations about DeSantis’ political future.

Thomas, a seasoned Republican strategist, expressed his disappointment in DeSantis’ performance since launching his presidential campaign.

He stated DeSantis lacks the essential qualities that make a good candidate – charm, charisma, discipline, and likability. These are traits that, according to Thomas, are crucial for any politician aiming for the national stage.

The strategist went on to explain how he, along with many grassroots supporters and major donors, initially believed in DeSantis’ potential. They saw him as a promising candidate who could take on Joe Biden in the presidential race.

However, their hopes were dashed when DeSantis’ campaign failed to take off as expected. Despite being a competent governor, Thomas believes DeSantis is not ready for the national stage and lacks the ability to defeat Biden.

In contrast, Thomas praised Trump’s strategic approach to his campaign. Despite facing numerous legal challenges, Trump has run a nearly flawless effort, according to Thomas.

He highlighted Trump’s strategic ad spends against DeSantis and his effective messaging choices, which he believes improved significantly since 2016 and 2020. For these reasons, Thomas and his team decided to reverse course and back Trump, who they believe is the best person to beat Biden in the general election.

Reflecting on their initial support for DeSantis, Thomas admitted it was a miscalculation. He pointed out the skills required for different political offices do not always translate well.

While fundraising and running television ads might be sufficient for a gubernatorial or congressional campaign, a presidential run demands more.

It requires retail politicking, charisma, charm, discipline, and the ability to conduct oneself in a likable manner in television interviews. Unfortunately, according to Thomas, DeSantis fell short in these areas.

Thomas also criticized DeSantis’ campaign launch strategy, particularly his decision to launch on Twitter spaces without a simulcast video stream for new television stations to cover it.

He described this as a basic failure in launch mechanics, further damaging DeSantis’ campaign.

The fallout from Thomas’ revelations has been significant. Many believe that DeSantis’ political future is now uncertain, with some suggesting that a comeback in 2028 might be challenging.

This dramatic shift in support from a key figure in DeSantis’ camp underscores the unpredictable nature of politics. It serves as a reminder that in the high-stakes game of presidential politics, fortunes can change rapidly.

Today’s frontrunner can quickly become tomorrow’s underdog.

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