Frank Biden’s Naked Selfie Surfaces Online, Igniting Scandal for the Biden Family

A naked selfie of Frank Biden, the younger brother of President Joe Biden, has been discovered on a gay porn website. The image, which was posted on, dates back to 2018 when Frank was 64 years old.

This incident has raised concerns about the privacy and integrity of the Biden family.

Frank Biden, who is now 69, confirmed that he is the person in the photo but denied any involvement in its upload. He suggested that his phone may have been hacked and the image posted without his consent.

Despite the potential implications of such a breach, Frank seemed unconcerned, stating, “I have absolutely no comment. I couldn’t care less. I haven’t even looked at it.”

The discovery of the photo was credited to Marco Polo, a nonprofit organization known for investigating the Biden family’s political activities.

This organization has uncovered various instances of questionable behavior by the Bidens over the years. This latest incident adds to the growing list of controversies surrounding the family.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a member of the Biden family has been involved in a scandal related to explicit content. Frank’s nephew, Hunter Biden, was previously reported to have filmed and photographed prostitutes, promoting these activities on the adult website PornHub.

These allegations were later confirmed by the Daily Mail, further damaging the family’s reputation.

Frank Biden has had a successful professional career, including working in the Clinton administration and serving as an advisor in the election campaigns of his brother, Joe Biden, and nephew, Joseph R. Biden III. He has also served as the Director of a major philanthropy in Central America.

However, these accomplishments are now overshadowed by the recent scandal.

The discovery of Frank’s explicit photo online poses a potential national security threat, as it could be used for blackmail against the first family. However, there is currently no evidence of any attempts to exploit the situation in this manner.

The Biden family has often portrayed themselves as a typical hard-working American family. However, these recurring scandals suggest otherwise. The controversies surrounding the family raise serious concerns about their conduct and the potential implications for the country’s leadership.

The surfacing of Frank Biden’s naked selfie on a gay porn website is a significant blow to the Biden family’s image. It not only raises questions about their personal conduct but also poses potential national security risks.

As the public grapples with these revelations, one thing is clear – the Biden family is far from being the typical American family they claim to be.

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