From Rejected to Triumphant: The Sound of Freedom Finds Success at the Box Office

The journey of the film “Sound of Freedom” to the big screen is a tale of resilience and determination. It’s a story that mirrors the very essence of the movie itself – a fight for freedom against all odds.

The film, which has now become a box office sensation, had a rocky start. Originally, it was under the wings of Disney, following their acquisition of Fox, the initial distributors of the film.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Disney decided not to release the film, leaving its future hanging in the balance.

Undeterred, the producer and actor Eduardo Verástegui took matters into his own hands. He managed to regain the rights to the film from Disney and embarked on a quest to find a new distributor.

With a project he believed was not just about the movie but a movement for children, he approached several potential platforms including Netflix and Amazon.

However, the response was far from encouraging. Despite his passionate pleas, these streaming giants turned down the opportunity to distribute the film.

Some didn’t even respond to his calls. Verástegui recalls the frustration of knocking on doors that remained firmly shut. He was left with a crucial decision to make – to give up or to keep fighting for the film’s release.

At one point, Verástegui considered releasing the film online for free. He thought about uploading it on YouTube or Facebook but feared it might get canceled there too. It was a time of uncertainty and frustration, but surrender was not an option.

Then, in a twist of fate, Angel Studios stepped in. They saw the potential in the film and decided to pick it up. This marked a turning point in the film’s journey, paving the way for its eventual theatrical release.

Today, “Sound of Freedom” is making waves at the box office, much to the delight of moviegoers who have been eagerly waiting to see the film. The film that was once rejected and ignored is now a hit among audiences, proving that perseverance pays off.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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