Funds from Sanders’ Campaign Redirected to Family Nonprofit

In a surprising revelation, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was found to have discreetly channeled $200,000 from his campaign funds into a nonprofit institute co-founded by his wife and stepson.

This discovery, made by Fox News Digital, raises questions about the operations of the Sanders Institute, which appears to have minimal output despite significant financial input.

Established in 2017 by Jane O’Meara Sanders and David Driscoll, the Sanders Institute was intended to serve as a progressive think tank.

Its mission, as stated by Jane Sanders, was to “revitalize democracy in the support of progressive institutions.” However, the institute’s track record seems to tell a different story.

Despite its lofty goals, the Sanders Institute has shown little evidence of substantial work or achievements. The organization’s website lacks any “policy-focused resource” as described for its top program expense.

Furthermore, the content on its blog and YouTube channel is primarily borrowed from other sources, rather than original contributions from its fellows.

Interestingly, the institute suspended operations in 2019, just two years after its launch, as Senator Sanders sought the Democratic nomination for president.

This move was reportedly to avoid the “appearance of impropriety” and to eliminate potential criticism from his rivals over its funding. However, the institute has since resumed operations, albeit quietly and without attracting much media attention.

Financial records from 2021 reveal that the nonprofit spent nearly 40% of its donations on salaries, with very few identifiable accomplishments to show for it.

The largest beneficiary appears to be Sanders’ stepson, David Driscoll, who received over $150,000 in salary and other compensation as the institute’s executive director.

The Sanders Institute’s funding sources also raise eyebrows. In addition to the $200,000 from Sanders’ campaign, the institute received significant donations from other entities. FEC records show that Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign sent $350,000 to the institute in April 2021.

Additionally, a nonprofit called Wend II Inc, directed by James M. Walton, heir to the Walmart fortune, contributed $250,000. These two donations accounted for approximately 84% of the $716,000 the institute raised in 2021.

Despite these substantial inflows, the Sanders Institute has failed to make any monetary contributions to other progressive organizations, contrary to Jane Sanders’ initial intentions. Moreover, the institute does not disclose its donors on its tax forms, further clouding its operations.

In conclusion, the Sanders Institute, despite its noble mission statement, appears to be more of a family enterprise than a progressive think tank.

With significant funds being funneled into the institute from Sanders’ campaign and little to show in terms of output or support for other progressive organizations, one can’t help but question the true purpose of this nonprofit.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and in this case, the actions of the Sanders Institute are raising more questions than answers.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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