Ghislaine Maxwell, Convicted Pedophile, Now Faces Financial Troubles

Disgraced British socialite and convicted pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell is now broke flat, with no money left to hire lawyers to appeal her child sex trafficking convictions

The discredited socialite informed her friends that she is completely broke and lacks the funds to get any legal consolation. 

The daughter of British media executive and fraudster Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine, was the accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, who procured the sex trafficking of minors for decades.

Maxwell, who fled authorities after Epstein died in 2019, was arrested in New Hampshire in 2020 by the FBI and convicted in 2021. 

Recently, it has been speculated that Maxwell, now 61, faces the possibility of leading her appeal from inside the Federal Correctional Institution of Tallahassee. According to The Daily Mail, Maxwell’s appeal is expected to reach the United States Supreme Court.

The former pedo-companion claimed her prosecution only occurred after Epstein died “unexpectedly” while imprisoned and awaiting several child sex trafficking charges in August 2019.

A friend of Maxwell reportedly said out of all of Epstein’s contacts, its “surprising” she is only one in prison so far.  

Under US law, after Maxwell’s appeal is concluded, and if it’s unsuccessful, she can request extradition to serve her sentence in a UK prison, a course of action the disgraced socialite plans to pursue.

The impoverishing situation becomes even more challenging for Maxwell when considering her residence in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts was recently sold for $5.7 million and she is unlikely to receive any revenue from the property.

Her ex-husband, Scott Borgerson, held the title to the property. He’s since insisted Maxwell has no ownership stake in the house. Additionally, around $1 million worth of jewelry was stolen from Maxwell’s estate months after her arrest.  

Maxwell is said to have used funds from the sale of a Manhattan townhouse to purchase another property after Epstein’s death, but hid the deed by using the name of her former husband’s company.  

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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