Girls Team Assaults and Attacks Basketball Referee During Game

An alarming incident took place on a basketball court in Indiana during a tournament on Sunday. A referee was attacked by members of a girls’ basketball team from Cincinnati.

Video footage shows the female referee being suddenly punched and surrounded by a group at the end of a one-sided game. The game had already been stopped a few minutes earlier due to escalating tensions.

Witnesses recall that the referee was also kicked after falling to the ground during the aggressive attack. Currently, no arrests have been made, but the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

This violent encounter occurred during the Next Level Classic in Fairland, Indiana, while a game was in progress. According to WLWT-TV, Bobby Ewing, the coach of the opposing team, reported that another coach had threatened him with a shooting in the parking lot.

Following the incident, Ewing reported that the Cincinnati players were escorted out of Triton Central High School.

However, the distressing incident was not confined to what was witnessed.

“As they were being escorted out, away from the ref, by the other team, I overheard an assistant coach say, ‘I’ve got five shots waiting for you in the parking lot.’ I know what ‘five shots in the parking lot’ means. That’s a gun,” explained Ewing.

WLWT-TV’s video report on the attack can be seen below:

A chaotic brawl during the Next Level Classic travel basketball tournament resulted in multiple officials being ambushed. At least one official was struck by a player, and all of these incidents were captured on camera.

Randy Lane recorded the video during the Indiana U.S. Amateur Basketball tournament.

Lane’s daughter played for the Dynasty Sports Performance Heat, a team from Owensboro, Kentucky. He reported that the opposing team, the Cincinnati Indians Elite, directed profane remarks at the referees and his daughter’s team.

“The girls were provoking, saying things like, ‘Why don’t you meet me in the parking lot?’ and some parents, amid the basketball play, were shouting instructions like ‘Don’t let her do that to you. Mess her up,'” Lane explained.

“Things were getting really intense.”

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