Hunter Biden’s Former Girlfriend Exposes Intimate Secrets of Their Relationship

If Hunter Biden was an ordinary person struggling with drug addiction and a sex addiction, it might not be as significant. However, as the son of the president, his actions carry more weight. There are still unanswered questions about whether he or his father are being blackmailed by foreign enemies like China.

Now, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, Allie Kennedy, has come forward to share her experiences with the troubled son of the president. They initially started as friends, with Hunter paying her a large sum of money for spray tans and engaging in drug use in her presence.

According to Kennedy, they remained friends until the end of their relationship. She describes Hunter as a seemingly decent guy, but someone who craved his father’s attention and struggled with issues related to sex and drugs.

Kennedy first met Hunter in 2017 while working as a stripper. They became friends after he hired her to provide spray tans to him and three women in his hotel room. Kennedy admits that Hunter never discussed his business deals abroad with her. However, he was always generous and indicated that he felt inadequate compared to his late brother Beau in his father’s eyes.

After Beau’s tragic death in 2015, Hunter’s drug use and involvement in wild sex parties escalated. Kennedy, who used to be a stripper herself, believes Hunter always felt like the “black sheep” of the Biden family and that his family never truly loved him.

Kennedy found Hunter’s drug use and his relationship with his deceased brother’s wife, Hallie, to be disturbing. She recounts instances where they would engage in naked spray tans and drug use before going out to dinner together. Hunter has been to rehab six times, but claims to have been drug-free since 2019 when he married Melissa Cohen of South Africa.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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