Illegal Immigration Overwhelms New York City’s Healthcare System

In New York City, the healthcare system is facing a crisis. The once esteemed system is now on the verge of collapse, driven by an overwhelming number of undocumented immigrants seeking medical care. This surge has pushed the city’s hospitals and clinics beyond their limits.

According to New York City Health + Hospitals, which operates the city’s public healthcare facilities, there have been nearly 30,000 visits from undocumented migrants in the past year. This data paints a bleak picture of a healthcare system that is stretched thin.

The strain on resources is not only affecting undocumented migrants but also U.S. citizens dealing with non-emergency legal issues and in need of services such as addiction treatment or eviction assistance. Wait times for these services can extend into months, or individuals may be referred elsewhere due to overwhelming demand.

The situation is dire, with waiting lists everywhere and a lack of resources forcing people to be turned away or referred elsewhere. The need for additional resources is clear, but the question remains: where will these resources come from?

Jazz Shaw, a commentator at Hot Air, describes the entire system as overwhelmed. The influx of migrants is draining the city’s resources, whether it be housing, food, clothing, or medical care. The burden of this crisis falls on the taxpayers.

This crisis is a direct result of the policies of the Biden administration. The blame lies with them. The question now is how much more New York City’s healthcare system can endure before it completely breaks. When will the necessary steps be taken to address this escalating crisis?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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