Increasing Pressure Leads to NYPD Officers Leaving the Force

The departure of law enforcement personnel from the New York Police Department is still going strong.

NYPD Faces Hard Times

Everyone criticizes these valiant blue uniformed personnel. They have been stigmatized by those in authority over them; some members of the general population consider them like Nazis.

While conditions in New York are by no means ideal, the George Floyd demonstrations and COVID lockdowns saw a serious breakdown of law and order. Looting overnight became commonplace and law enforcement officers were prevented from doing their tasks.

Is it surprising that so many of these individuals are relocating? According to the New York Post, police feel “squeezed from every direction,” as the exodus from the NYPD increases.

In accordance with alarming new information uncovered by The Post, former NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell resigned as a continuous stream of New York’s finest were beating her to the exit.

According to NYPD pension data, 648 police resigned, prior to retirement, as of June 30. This marks a 22% increase from 2021, when 530 left, and an 87% increase from 2020, when 347 exited.

The 34,000 uniformed cops are “at least 1,200 short,” as a result of the alarming “voluntary departures” and the NYPD’s recruitment issues, according to the police union.

“Cops are under pressure from all sides. They are being compelled to work obscene lengths of overtime.”

According to Patrick Hendry, president of the Police Benevolent Association, which represents just over 21,000 rank-and-file policemen, the leadership is calling for more implementation.

Meanwhile, the police oversight establishment is working to destroy more officers’ futures.

Living Wage Required

“A lot of police are unable to afford to continue taking that risk, as their compensation is still too low,” Hendry continued.

The NYPD’s crisis won’t be solved by recruiting alone. It must provide the existing police force with a living wage in order for them to be effective in their jobs.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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