Independent Russian News Site Meduza Seeks Funds During Ukraine Invasion

Following Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine, Meduza, an independent news site, is facing censorship with its website blocked by the Russian government. In response, Russian President Putin has signed a law that punishes journalists with up to 15 years in prison for using certain words such as “war” and “invasion” to describe Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Moreover, Russia has also restricted access to Facebook and Twitter, further limiting Russians’ access to unbiased information about the ongoing conflict.

Despite these attempts at censorship, Meduza’s mobile app remains accessible within Russia.

To aid Meduza in its financial situation, Leon Fryszer, the publisher of the German news outlet Krautreporter, which relies on crowdfunding, is assisting with their fundraising campaign. Fryszer believes it is vital for Russians to have access to information about their government’s actions and considers supporting independent newsrooms like Meduza as a means to achieve this. Many Russians are against Putin’s invasion and have risked their safety by protesting against the war.

Fryszer commented, “I also care in terms of making sure there’s a path forward for Russia and that there’s a chance that one day democracy will see the light of day again. That’s quite significant for us as Europeans.” He believes that Meduza could play a crucial role in countering the actions of the Kremlin.

HuffPost reporter Ryan Grenoble contributed reporting.

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