Intensifying Probe Into Disturbing Conduct of British Journalist

Networks like CNN have had significant issues with sexual assault accusations in the past, and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is no exception.

Huw Edwards, a longtime host at BBC, is currently suspended from his job and receiving “mental health” treatment. He has been accused of propagating harmful lies during the pandemic.

Disturbing photos of Edwards have surfaced, raising concerns. The BBC is now investigating his payment for explicit sexual photos from a teenager.

The Current State of the Case

Previously, police stated that there was no evidence of Edwards paying the teen for explicit photos before the teen turned 18. The conversations between them started when the teen was 17, as per reports.

However, the BBC is now intensifying its investigation into the matter. BBC host Victoria Derbyshire has also made new accusations, claiming that Edwards attempted to pressure younger employees into sexual acts.

Will the taxpayer-funded far-left network thoroughly investigate Edwards’ actions?

It seems they might, as further action is being taken.

The BBC Investigating Itself

The fact that the BBC is investigating itself raises skepticism from many. It is understandable that those who uncover negative aspects of potential cover-ups or misconduct by the network’s fourth-highest paid host may face consequences.

BBC bosses recently sent an email to employees, expressing anger and stating that “gossip” regarding the ongoing issues and accusations against Edwards will not be tolerated.

Getting to the Bottom of the Case

This case remains unsolved. What is clear, however, is that many individuals in mainstream media who are taken seriously by the public are disturbed and engage in inappropriate behavior that warrants treatment in mental institutions.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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