Iranians At The World Cup Protest During The Iran Vs England Game

FIFA has faced criticism for its handling of the World Cup, but the tournament continues as planned.

In a show of solidarity against discrimination and to promote inclusion, seven European countries initially planned to wear rainbow armbands during their matches. The captains of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland had agreed to wear the OneLove armbands. However, FIFA issued a warning that they could be shown yellow cards if they went ahead with this symbolic gesture.

In response to FIFA’s threats, the soccer associations of these countries made a joint statement explaining their decision not to wear the armbands. They expressed their willingness to pay fines for violating kit regulations but stated that they could not risk their players being booked or forced to leave the field.

Ahead of the opening match on Sunday, FIFA President Gianni Infantino gave a controversial speech addressing the criticism. He shared a personal experience of being bullied as a child due to his red hair and freckles, empathizing with discrimination against marginalized groups. However, his remarks did little to ease concerns and criticism from various quarters.

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