Is Overconsumption of Freshwater Really Causing the Earth to Wobble? Examining the Facts and Debunking Fearmongering

The “scientific community’s” most recent scare tactic claims because humans use so much fresh water, the Earth is beginning to tilt. Empty subterranean reservoirs are causing a wobble effect.

They are being completely serious. These guys have absolutely no shame. Where are the “fact-checkers” on the far left regarding this nonsense?

Reported By The Hill

A new study claims humans extracted so much freshwater from the planet that it is starting to wobble noticeably on its axis.

On its own, the scope of the new wobble is negligible — a matter of millimeters, which places it roughly in the same speed group as the steadily shifting land masses of Earth.

The findings they released a few weeks ago in Geophysical Research Letters allegedly demonstrate the extent to which human actions — such as dam construction, groundwater boring, and the combustion of fossil fuels — influence the very position of the Earth.

In addition, they provide “strong evidence” for something scientists have long suspected, but have not been able to prove: the dramatic depletion of the world’s groundwater reserves over several decades.

There is Always Something

Last month’s findings were striking in their scope. Scientists say they discovered between 1993 and 2010, human society, and primarily the agricultural sector, depleted 2,510 gigatonnes of water.

This is equivalent to the loss of 600 cubic miles of freshwater, which is greater than five times the volume of Lake Erie or fifty percent of the volume of Huron Lake.

They claim at this pace, we would exhaust the equivalent of Lake Superior’s 2,900 cubic miles of water by the end of the century and that the rate of depletion is indicative of global peril.

From global warming to this. There’s always something from the scientific community. One can only wonder what they want us to do. Create our own water perhaps?

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.

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