Is The Blood Tribe, a New Neo-Nazi Group, Infiltrated by Undercover Agents?

The Biden regime is concerned about the rise of “white nationalists” and the far right. They rely on instilling fear in Americans to discourage dissent and to label anyone who speaks out as racist.

Recently, a new group named the Blood Tribe gained attention when they marched in Wisconsin on the same day as an LGBT event. This raises the question: are these individuals undercover agents? Let’s examine the evidence.

The Blood Tribe came into public view during an LGBT pride event in Watertown, Wisconsin. This neo-Nazi group, adorned with symbols such as runes and swastikas, arrived armed with rifles and dressed in khakis and black shirts. Many suspect that this group is simply the Patriot Front operating under a new name, given their similar attire.

To provide an accurate answer, we need to look deeper. The truth is that while this group is clearly influenced by undercover agents (the feds), they are not solely an operation controlled by them.

The leader of the Blood Tribe, Christopher Pohlhaus, is a fed and an informant. He has a tattoo of the demonic entity Baphomet on his neck and has evident ties to Ukrainian intelligence. The group capitalized on the country’s polarization, shouting slogans like “Us or the pedophiles!” and threatening violence with the words “there will be blood!”

When journalist Ford Fisher questioned a member of the neo-Nazi group about any federal connections, nearby Blood Tribe members responded sarcastically, ridiculing the idea of being federal agents.

While it’s clear that many members of the Blood Tribe are genuinely Nazis and not federal agents, closer scrutiny of their leadership reveals that the group is advancing a left-wing agenda.

This article originally appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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