Israel Executes Bold Kidnapping Operation in Foreign Territory

The Israeli Mossad is a legendary spy agency that isn’t afraid to take bold action to protect its homeland.

News is now breaking of Mossad carrying out a kidnap inside Iran to stop an attack. The details of this daring raid sound like something out of a film, but they’re all real life.

Israel’s Counterterrorist Operation Stuns World

Mossad is now announcing that it kidnapped the leader of a terrorist plot inside Iran. The terrorist Yuself Abbasalilu was nabbed inside Iran in a dangerous mission, after Mossad got word of him being involved in a plot to kill Israelis.

Abbasalilu was taken to interrogation by Israel where he admitted he’d been working with a cell to stage an attack on Israelis in the nearby nation of Cyprus.

Members of Iran’s IRGC had been helping Abbasalilu, who broke under interrogation and told Israel all the locations of the various cell members.

The information was given to Cypriot authorities who went on to arrest members of the cell and stop the attack.

Not the First Time…

Israel and Cyprus have cooperated in the past to take down terror networks.

Two years ago, they teamed up to arrest an assassin who was being paid by Iran’s IRGC to murder Israeli businesspeople working in Cyprus.

In this instance, the cell was planning to attack a Jewish religious location in Cyprus, hotels popular with Israelis, and murder a Jewish real estate agent.

Seven individuals in the cell were taken into custody in Cyprus, while an eighth managed to escape.

The Bottom Line

A number of other plots have also been foiled including in Greece and nearby nations. It’s clear that Israel doesn’t ask for permission when it comes to protecting its citizens and stopping dangerous people.

Can you imagine if America was still the same way?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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