Jake Lang Launches Blessed News Network from Prison

January 6 prisoner Edward Jacob “Jake” Lang has officially launched the Blessed News Network. He did this directly from his cell in Washington D.C.

Lang has been awaiting trial for more than 900 days. He was taken into custody ten days following the January 6, 2021, incident at the Capitol. As things stand today, he is currently being held without bail at the Alexandria Detention Center.

Despite having immense restrictions on his liberties while in prison, Lang ultimately found an avenue to support his family via media.

According to Mr. Lang, this is fundamentally a constitutional matter that may lead to disciplinary measures against him. Likewise, he believes that a law-abiding citizen’s voice is being suppressed in America like never before.

Later, after giving an extensive interview with The Washington Times, the U.S. Marshals Office announced that Lang had violated their policy of talking with media outlets.

Blessed News platform is home to a lineup of esteemed conservative hosts, including Professor David Clements, Pete Santilli, Ann Vandersteel, Cara Castronuova, Joe Oltmann, April Moss, Zak Paine, Doug Billings, , Mel K, Morgan Ariel, John Tobacco, and Brian Lupo.

The Blessed News channel will be accessible through various platforms, including Amazon Fire T.V., Apple T.V., Roku, Samsung T.V., their official website, www.Blessed.News, and their free iPhone and Android devices apps.

The network plans to begin broadcasts on August 1, with 19 weekly shows by its various conservative commentators.

Jake’s inspiration for this network stemmed from his vision of a faith-centered conservative news channel. This is a channel that emphasizes Jesus Christ as its core focus, promotes hope, and fosters an environment where free speech can flourish.

Lang initiated a Startup Funding GiveSendGo campaign to support the launch of this remarkable network, cover server expenses, and offer sign-on bonuses to the hosts. The first episode is definitely going to make some waves.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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