Jon Voight Issues Urgent Warning to America: ‘We are at War’

Renowned actor Jon Voight has issued a passionate warning to the American people. With the upcoming presidential election and the Democrats’ aggressive campaign against former President Trump, Voight’s words are urgent and concerned.

Voight, known for his honesty, did not hold back in his criticism of the current administration.

He declared, “This is now a war, a war against all of us.” He went on to describe the Biden administration as a “corrupt mob,” suggesting that the Obama administration paved the way for this cycle of corruption.

Voight’s fervor did not end there. He warned against what he sees as a deliberate effort to undermine Trump.

“This corrupt behavior against President Trump is the most disgusting scheme to try and keep him down. This is a horror,” Voight stated. He expressed dismay at a system that he believes allows criminals to exploit hard-working designers and retailers without consequences.

Voight’s passionate plea continued, urging Americans to remember their heritage of freedom, which he believes is being eroded by lies and greed. He called on citizens to stand up for truth, the only weapon he believes can save the nation from its current predicament.

The actor’s comments reflect a broader sentiment among conservatives who believe that Democrats have prioritized preventing Trump from returning to office. They point to the 2020 election, where they argue that undue influences may have favored Biden. Critics cite the alleged interference of the FBI in suppressing accurate reporting about the Biden family’s international business dealings, claiming it was Russian disinformation.

Further fueling these concerns is the role of tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, who donated over $400 million to local election officials. Critics argue that this money was primarily used to gain votes from Democratic districts, thus influencing the election outcome.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s two unsuccessful impeachment campaigns against Trump are also seen as part of this anti-Trump agenda. Even after Trump left office, Democrat prosecutors have pursued multiple cases against him, including business counts that would typically be misdemeanors but are being treated as felonies.

Voight concluded his message with a call to action, describing the current political climate as a civil war. He urged Americans to stand up for truth and warned of the consequences of complacency. “If we don’t see this, you, your children, your grandchildren, sisters, brothers will all pay the price for this default,” he cautioned.

In his final appeal, Voight expressed his wish for everyone to recognize Trump as a man committed to saving America. He implored his fellow citizens not to let government manipulation destroy the land they love.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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